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Jocelyn Froimovich, an architect based in London, serving international clients.
She works privately, with institutions and with public administrations on projects of varying scale and complexity.

Facing challenging urban environments, Jocelyn works, as required, with specialists - engineers, landscape architects, lighting and graphic designers and others. She fully exploits the technical, social, environmental, aesthetic and economic demands of architecture.

As an independent practitioner, her work ranges from residential projects in New York State and Chile to installations such as MoMA’s Young Architects Program COSMO (with Offpolinn, 2015) - exhibited at MoMA PS1. Current projects under construction include the New Lorenteggio Library in Milan (with Team BLO, to be completed in 2026) and private comissions in Chile.

Jocelyn has won awards from the Arts Council and the British Council in the UK, the municipality of Milan, Columbia University in New York and the Ministry of Culture in Chile. Her work has been published in the periodicals AV, ARQ and Afasia and exhibited in the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich. She has served on the jury of several design competitions, has lectured internationally and taught at the Technische Universität Darmstadt, Columbia University, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, XJTLU Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University and the University of Liverpool, where she is a lecturer.
Collaborators chevron-up

Aiguasol Engineers
Antonia Peón-Veiga, Lighting
Arquitectura Agronomía, Landscape
Arup Engineers NYC
Atelier Verticale
ATW TU Datmstadt
BAC Engineers
B-Green, Energy Consultants
Matilde Cassani
Charles Choi Renders
European Cultural Centre
José Galvez
Kathryn Gillmore
Urtzi Grau
Jadue + Livingstone
La Imaginería
Anna-Maria Meister
Municipality of Milan
Maria Milans
Offpolinn, Andrés Jaque
Osvaldo Peñaloza, Structures
RGF Consulting
School of Architecture, Pontificia Univercidad Católica de Chile
School of Architecture, University of Liverpool
Christian Saavedra
Giovanna Silva
Team BLO
VIBE Acoustics
XJTLU Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Work chevron-up

2018 - under construction: Lorenteggio Library in Milan, Italy (with Urtzi Grau, Stefano Rolla and Laura Signorelli - built by 2024).

2020 - under construction: Private Residence in Zapallar, Chile, (with José Galvez).

2024: Nuova Sede del Comun General de Fascia (public administration building) San Giovanni di Fassa, Italy (with Urtzi Grau).

2023: Villa Mater (elderly home), International Design Competition, Rivoli, Italy (with Urtzi Grau).

2023: RSA Master Tools (elderly home), International Design Competition, Rovereto, Italy (with Urtzi Grau, and BAC).

2023: Mansfield (housing and regeneration scheme), International Design Competition, Mansfield, UK (with Urtzi Grau, Studio Partington, and Ash Sakula).

2022 - 2023: Apartment renovation in Santiago, Chile, for Carolyn Froimovich (with José Galvez).

2022: Bosco della Musica (music academy, workshops, housing, and theaters), International Design Competition, Milan, Italy (with Urtzi Grau, Arquitectura Agronomía, Atelier Verticale, and BAC).

2022: Luftraum, Committee Selection for the German Pavillion, Venice Biennale 2023, (with Anna-Maria Meister, Teresa Fankhänel, Anna Luise Schubert, Ines Weizman)

2021 - 2022: Magnifica Fabbrica (warehouses, backstage production amd park rennovation for Teatro alla Scala), International Design Competition, Milan, Italy (with Urtzi Grau). Finalist, 2nd Prize.

2021: How do we live? exhibition and symposium at European Cultural Center in Venice during the Venice Architecture Biennale (with Johanna Muszbek, sponsored by Ministerio de la Cultura y las Artes, Gobierno de Chile).

2021: Novecento Piu Cento, (art museum) International Design Competition, Milan, Italy (With Urtzi Grau). Finalist, 4th Prize.

2020: Landscape and infrastructure for Calan Hill “Calán - Entre el Cerro y el Cielo,” Santiago, Chile.

2020: Renovation and expansion of Gramsci Museum Sardinia, Italy.

2020: New Fossoli Visitor Center Carpi, Italy.

2020: SONYC - Reimagining Brooklyn Bridge in New York, US (with Antonia Peón Veiga, Anne Guthrie, Kathryn Gillmore, Magdalena Gatica, Oriol Gavalda, Diego Terán, Erin Schreiner).

2019: How do we live? at Sao Paulo Architecture Biennale, Brazil (with Johanna Muszbek, sponsored by British Council).

2019: New Scuola Pizzigoni (elementary school), Milan, Italy.

2019: Instituto Hebreo International design competition in Santiago, Chile (with Urtzi Grau).

2017 - 2020: Architect of Record for Mill Street House in Catskills, NY (with Maria Milans Studio).

2017 - 2019: Architect of Record for Whalebone Landing in Southhampton, NY (with Maria Milans Studio).

2017 - 2018: “Plaza de los Músicos” (public plaza) for SCD in Santiago, Chile (with Stefano Rolla and Laura Signorelli). 1st prize competition, and development design.

2017: CAI International Antarctic Center (museum, scientific center, and administrative facilities), International design competition in Pta Arenas, Chile (with Urtzi Grau).

2016 - 2017: Architect of Record for CampO House in Catskills, NY (with Maria Milans Studio).

2016: Townhouse in Harlem, NY, for Nicolás Velasco and Ricardo Posada (with Juan Francisco Garcés).

2016: Museo de la Memoria (museum), design competition in Concepción, Chile (with Santiago Valdivieso, Stefano Rolla and Laura Signorelli).

2015: COSMO - winning proposal for MoMA YAP, exhibited at MoMA PS1, Queens (with Offpolinn, Andrés Jaque Architects and Patrick Craine).

2015: Apartment renovation in Manhattan, NY, for Columbus York Inc.

2015: Apartment renovation in Manhattan, NY, for Helena and Antoine Arlaud (with Maurizio Biancchi).

2015: Apartment renovation in Manhattan, NY for Arlen Cohen.

2015: Kunst Silo museum and art district design international competition in Norway (with Sandra Arndt).

2014: Apartment renovation in Manhattan, NY, for Mike Long (with Nicolo Lewanski).

2014: Apartment renovation in Brooklyn, NY for Angel Guiloff (with Maria Milans Studio).

2013 - 2014: Apartment renovation in Harlem, NY for Jerry Portwood and Patricio del Real.

2013 - 2017: Planning and design of a house, foraging, farming, and cooking program within a 56 acre property Upstate New York for the chef Ali El Sayed (with Joaquim Moreno).

2013: EUROPAN 12 housing design competition in The Netherlands (with Maria Milans).

2011: Pecha Kucha Japan housing design competition in Japan (with Maria Milans).

2010 – 2014: Bernard Tschumi Architects. Worked as an architectural designer for the IFCA project in Santo Domingo, an office building inserted in a satellite city master plan in the Dominican Republic. Participated in the design development and construction of Carnal Dome, Le Rosey, Switzerland; a music facility with an 800 seat concert hall.

2007 – 2009: Weiss Manfredi Architecture Landscape Urbanism. Collaborated in the competitions: Music Dance and Theatre Complex, Princeton University; Center for the Arts, Duke University; Data Center and Offices, Cornell University; Krishna P. Singh Nanotechnology Center, University of Pennsylvania; Taekwondo Park in Muju, Korea; Aga Khan University, Tanzania. The last four proposals were won and developed in the office. Participated in the design of the New Arts Complex, University of Virginia and U. Penn’s Krishna P. Singh Nanotechnology Center.

2007: Izquierdo Lehmann Architects. Study for a Housing, Office and Commerce Complex in Apoquindo, Santiago. Collaboration in the design of a House in Lake Vichuquén and Cruz del Sur Office Building.

2006: José Domingo Peñafiel Architects. Competition for urban renewal for Vitacura Avenue, Municipal Government of Vitacura.

2005: IBA Architects. Internship. Participated in the elaboration of the Master Plan of Los Bravo, Santiago.

2004: Paihuano City Hall. Valle del Elqui, IV Region, Chile. Reordering and development of the planning regulation of 3 towns: Vicuña, Quebrada de Paihuano and Cochihuaz (with Paula Livingstone).

2004: Skylight. Design and construction of skylight in Atelier S. Donoso, Santiago (with Paula Livingstone).

2003: Medicine Faculty Building, Universidad Católica. Internship. Universidad Católica, Santiago. Archs. Fernando P. Oyarzún and Alejandro Aravena.

Academic chevron-up

2022–ongoing: Appointed Lecturer at University of Liverpool.

2017–ongoing: Project Home - How do we Live?, Housing research and series of design workshops with Johanna Muszbek at University of Liverpool, London, UK; Universidad Católica, Santiago, Chile; Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University - Shanghai/Suzhou.

2021- 2022: The Architecture of Shit, Seminar-Studio at TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt.

2020: Sleep - Public Architectures for Bodies at Rest, Seminar-Studio at TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt.

2020: Sleep - Public Architectures for Bodies at Rest, Seminar-Studio at Universidad Católica, Santiago. 2015: Sleepingtories Workshop at Hellowood, workshop leader with Bence Komlosi for the interantional summer program Hellowood, Czorompuszta, Hungary.

2011–2012: Advanced Studio “Materials, Concept – Percept – Affect”, “The House with the three ‘Clients’” Teacher Assistant with Bernard Tschumi, Columbia University.

2006: “History of architecture II”, Instructor with Prof. Horacio Torrent, U. Católica.

2005–2006: “Poetics of Inhabiting”, Instructor with Prof. Ernesto Rodriguez, U. Católica.

2004–2005: “Introduction to Architecture”, Instructor with Prof. Alejandro Crispiani, U. Católica.

2004: “Casona Lo Contador”, Collaboration in the investigation of the colonial house which houses the Architecture School of the Universidad Católica. Planimetric and Iconographic research guided by Professor Fernando Perez Oyarzún.

2002: “Architectural drawing”, Instructor with Profs. Alex Moreno and Felipe Banda, U.Católica.

Publications chevron-up

By 2024: “Cruz del Sur en A+U”, article in “Abril” new architecture journal in Santiago, organized by Alejandra Celedón, Gabriela García de Cortázar, Nicolás Stutzin, and Enrique Walker.

2021: “How do we live?” at European Cultural Center Catalogue, Venice Architecture Biennale (with Johanna Muszbek).

2021: “The right to sleep in public”, article in the catalogue of the exhibition “Who ́s Next -We Need to Talk About Homelessness” at the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich (curated by Andres Lepik and Daniel Talesnik).

2021: “How do we live? - Santiago, London, Shanghai - Suzhou” with Johanna Muszbek in Citizen Magazine, London.

2019: “How do we live?” at Sao Paulo Architecture Biennale Catalogue (with Johanna Muszbek, sponsored by British Council).

2018: AFASIA, “New Lorenteggio Library, Milan”, Jocelyn Froimovich, Urtzi Grau, Stefano Rolla, Laura Signorelli, Cristiana Giordano.

2018: El Mercurio, “Premiados a la Distancia”, Jocelyn Froimovich, Urtzi Grau, Stefano Rolla, Laura Signorelli.

2018: ARQ #98, “How do we live? Housing Studios - Santiago Workshop”, Jocelyn Froimovich and Johanna Muszbek.

2011: Abstract 2010/2011 GSAPP, Columbia University “Mimicking Wyckoff”, “Last White Museum”, and “Sleepingtory”.

2006: SPAM arq #3, “Housing in Density: Transformation of Central Zone of Santiago.”

2005: ARQ #59, Drawings for “Sergio Larrain’s House.”

Honours & Awards chevron-up

2023: Global Talent, Arts Council, UK

2021 - 2022: Magnifica Fabbrica, International Design Competition, Milan, Italy (with Urtzi Grau). Finalist, 2nd Prize.

2021: Novecento Piu Cento, International Design Competition, Milan, Italy (with Urtzi Grau). Finalist, 4th Prize.

2018: 1st Prize Lorenteggio Library in Milan, Italy (with Urtzi Grau, Stefano Rolla and Laura Signorelli).

2021: Ministerio de la Cultura y las Artes, Gobierno de Chile, Ventanilla Abierta, "How do we live?" exhibition and symposium at European Cultural Center in Venice during the Venice Architecture Biennale (with Johanna Muszbek).

2019: British Council "How do we live?" at Sao Paulo Architecture Biennale, Brazil (with Johanna Muszbek).

2017-2018: Research Development Initiative Fund 2017, 2018, 2019 University of Liverpool, UK (with Johanna Muszbek).

2017: 1st Prize “Plaza de los Músicos” square for SCD in Santiago, Chile (with S.Rolla and L.Signorelli).

2016: Santander Travel Grant Award, University of Liverpool, UK (with Johanna Muszbek).

2010: Honor Award for Excellence in Design. Excellence in Design Studio, Columbia University.

2010: Lucille Smyser Lowenfish Memorial Prize. Awarded to graduating students for the best final semester design project in the studio section, Columbia University.

2010: Ali Jawad Malik Memorial Honor Award. For excellence in the History and Theory sequence, Columbia University.

2010: William Kinne Fellows Prize (Faculty Prize). For study and travel to Japan with the proposal “Atelier Bow-Wow’s domestic Tokyo.” Columbia University.

2010: DAAD Scholarship. Appointed by the Government of Germany.

2009: Presidente de la República Scholarship. Assigned by the government of Chile for academic and professional excellency, including full tuition and expenses grant.

2007: Academic Excellency Award (Summa Cum Laude). Career achievement. Graduation Ceremony, Universidad Católica de Chile, School of Architecture, November 2007.

2007: Expoumbrales. Exhibition of the best thesis projects of Architecture and Design Schools in the Universidad Católica. Thesis “Housing in Density: Transformation of the Central Zone of Santiago” with Marisol Garcia, Gilberto Lepori and Javier Vergara.

2006: Competition for the Municipal Government of Vitacura. Third price for the Urban Renewal of Vitacura Street.

2005 and 2001: Expotalleres. Exhibition of the best studio projects of the Architecture School Universidad Católica. Project for an industrial and housing complex in La Pintana, suburbs of Santiago and a resting stop for a bike and running circuit on the Mapocho river.

2004: Nominee for the RIBA President’s Medal. Dissertation “Modern Sensitivity within genuine Colonial. Sergio Larrain’s House in Lo Contador.”

2003: Manuel Moreno Award. Given by the Architecture School of the Universidad Católica for the best research of the semester. Research in the 1950’s house of the architect Sergio Larrain GM, Santiago Chile.

Reviews & Lectures chevron-up

Columbia University, New York; Princeton University, Princeton; Parsons, New York; City College, New York; Pratt University, Brooklyn; New Jersey Institute of Technology, New Jersey; Northeastern University, Boston; Universidad Católica, Santiago; Cambridge University, Cambridge; University of Liverpool, Liverpool and London; London School of Architecture, London; TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt; XJTLU, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Suzhou; Politecnico Milano, Milan; Municipality of Milan; Ordine di Architetti Milano, Milan.

© 2024 Jocelyn Froimovich
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